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Song Meanings

with all that is said beyonce is dead, kanya west hit now rewind, zerox mugging mad chugging taylor swift has cum in her eye. lick the belly of a toad tan man opens her eye.

meme - Dec 5, 2015

Everyone wants someone to love with, is scared that they won't find true love before their death

Damoe Hawko - Dec 15, 2015

Wrong words. It HURTS to say your name.

Dave Parks - Jan 17, 2016 - Jan 20, 2016 - Jan 20, 2016

Reference to eating disorders. It's pretty (being skinny) but it hurts in my head (headache from not eating)

M - Feb 9, 2016

Karle - Feb 25, 2016

Leaving to find the way back to your true self.

Karle - Feb 25, 2016

Spitting on a fish (in order to keep it alive out of water) is a useless or futile activity. Example of the phrase's usage: arguing with a fool is like spitting on a fish. Since Weird Al is naming "stupid" notions, he included this one.

Joel - Feb 26, 2016

I nterpretate this from a fitness perspective. If you're training for an event & you're inconsistent with training or blow it off than you'll suffer the day of that race or event!

Joey D. - Mar 2, 2016