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Song Meanings

I think they are singing about being the person in their life that can be honest with them.

Kelly - Aug 19, 2015

Everyone wants someone to love with, is scared that they won't find true love before their death

Damoe Hawko - Dec 15, 2015 - Jan 20, 2016

No one wants to take responsibility - Jan 20, 2016

"Don't leave me", re-rendered from a three-line plea to a two and a half minute question.

scott - Jan 23, 2016

A utopia is what is regarded as a perfect city by others standards, but Chris is saying that we are ghosts of this so called perfect world. What this could mean is we are destroyed by societies call for perfection and truly corrupt ways of thinking. We are so fixed on media and everyone else's opinions, that it destroys us. Making our utopia a hidden dystopia. Very political and current in terms of today's society.

Anon - Feb 9, 2016

Reference to eating disorders. It's pretty (being skinny) but it hurts in my head (headache from not eating)

M - Feb 9, 2016

Karle - Feb 25, 2016

those are the names of two trains mentioned in one of the less well-known verses of the song, "Wabash Cannonball." mostly associated with the Carter Family, that verse refers to the Illinois Central (IC) limited train and the "Royal Blue" that was the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O)'s flagship passenger train between New York City and Washington, D.C., in the United States, beginning in 1890. you can find more info on the wiki for "Wabash Cannonball," which has links to entries for those two trains. i hope this helps!

John Steele - Mar 2, 2016

Jack è il diminutivo di due diversi nomi James (Giacomo) e John (Giovanni, Gianni), ma più che un nome proprio qui sta a indicare l'Uomo Verde

Cattia Salto - Mar 4, 2016